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This Pixels to Inches Converter can help you convert Pixels to Inches by entering the pixels value and then clicking the 'Convert' button to get the inches value.

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Pixels to Inches Converter

Thank you for choosing to use this converter to convert pixels to inches. In general, you only need to fill in the value of pixels to quickly get the value of inches.

Introduction of Pixels and Inches

What is a pixel?

Pixels: Pixels are the smallest unit of measurement used in digital imaging. A pixel is a tiny square that represents a single point in a digital image. It is the basic building block that makes up digital images on computer screens and other electronic devices. The more pixels an image has, the higher its resolution and the sharper the image appears.

What is an inch?

Inches: Inches are a unit of measurement used to represent length or distance. It is commonly used in the United States and some other countries, and is equivalent to 2.54 centimeters. Inches are often used to measure physical objects, such as the size of a book, a television screen, or a piece of paper. The measurement is usually represented as a decimal or fraction of an inch, with larger objects often measured in feet and inches.

Introduction of PPI

PPI stands for Pixels Per Inch, which is a measure of the pixel density of a digital image or display. PPI refers to the number of individual pixels that are packed into one inch of screen or image space. A higher PPI indicates a denser image or display, with more pixels per inch and therefore more detail and clarity.

Typically, the default value for PPI is 96 pixels per inch.

at 96ppi, one pixel size was equivalent to 1/96 inch, or approximately 0.26 millimeters, which is also the size of a dot that printers commonly use.

Although modern computer screens have significantly higher resolutions, 96ppi is still the default value for many software applications.


This tool is particularly useful for graphic designers, photographers, and artists who need to ensure that their images are accurately sized for print or display.

how to use?

1.Confirm your PPI value.If you do not need to change, please keep the default value.

2.Enter your pixels value

3.Click the convert button to get the inches value

Pixels to Inches Formula:

inches = pixels / PPI


How to convert pixels to inches?

Divide the number of pixels by the PPI (pixels per inch) specification of the display.For example, 200 pixels on a 91 PPI screen would convert to 200 / 91 = 2.1 inches.

Are DPI (dots per inch) and PPI (pixels per inch) the same thing?

No, DPI and PPI are not the same thing, although they are often used interchangeably incorrectly.DPI refers to the number of physical dots that a printer can place within an inch on a printed page. PPI, on the other hand, refers to the number of pixels (individual color elements) that a digital display

How many pixels are in an iPhone 14 one inch?

The PPI of the iphone 14 is 460. so the iPhone 14 has 460 pixels in an inch.

Conversion Table

1 px0.010416666666667 Inches
2 px0.020833333333333 Inches
3 px0.03125 Inches
4 px0.041666666666667 Inches
5 px0.052083333333333 Inches
6 px0.0625 Inches
7 px0.072916666666667 Inches
8 px0.083333333333333 Inches
9 px0.09375 Inches
10 px0.10416666666667 Inches
11 px0.11458333333333 Inches
12 px0.125 Inches
13 px0.13541666666667 Inches
14 px0.14583333333333 Inches
15 px0.15625 Inches
16 px0.16666666666667 Inches
17 px0.17708333333333 Inches
18 px0.1875 Inches
19 px0.19791666666667 Inches
20 px0.20833333333333 Inches
21 px0.21875 Inches
22 px0.22916666666667 Inches
23 px0.23958333333333 Inches
24 px0.25 Inches
25 px0.26041666666667 Inches
26 px0.27083333333333 Inches
27 px0.28125 Inches
28 px0.29166666666667 Inches
29 px0.30208333333333 Inches
30 px0.3125 Inches
31 px0.32291666666667 Inches
32 px0.33333333333333 Inches
33 px0.34375 Inches
34 px0.35416666666667 Inches
35 px0.36458333333333 Inches
36 px0.375 Inches
37 px0.38541666666667 Inches
38 px0.39583333333333 Inches
39 px0.40625 Inches
40 px0.41666666666667 Inches
41 px0.42708333333333 Inches
42 px0.4375 Inches
43 px0.44791666666667 Inches
44 px0.45833333333333 Inches
45 px0.46875 Inches
46 px0.47916666666667 Inches
47 px0.48958333333333 Inches
48 px0.5 Inches
49 px0.51041666666667 Inches
50 px0.52083333333333 Inches

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